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Påmeldingsdato: 10. apr. 2022


I have always been passionate about learning and communicating knowledge, as evidenced by my academic background in Biology and Documentary Filmmaking. Consequently, I have completed a PGCE in Education and am currently working as a primary school teacher to create a stimulating learning environment and instil a thirst for learning in the next generation. I have combined my degrees with work experience at media companies, museums and schools/colleges, which has taught me much about time management, teamwork and how to present my theoretical knowledge in a structured, engaging way. I believe the improvement I have made in my standard of work via my varied degrees and work experience, as well as having lived abroad from a young age, has made me a more rounded person with an international perspective. This permits me to readily adapt to different working environments and challenges. I am looking to work in Oslo as either a teacher or educational filmmaker in the nearest future.


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